Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Basketball question

I help coach my 10 year old's basketball team. She is taller and stronger than any of the other girls by far. Last game she score 14, and shot 7 for 12. Very good shooting percentage. On Saturday though she was 2 for about 20. The other girls just kept on passing her the ball, and she just could not get the shots to drop. It was a different gym than normal and the rims where a little bouncy. No one told the girls they had to pass it to her, and in reality a lot of her shots were off of offensive rebounds. But I started to feel kind of bad for her. The whole team seemed to expect her to win the game, which they eventually lost.

Later on when someone asked her if they won she said no, but very excitedly said that she scored 4 points. Almost like that was more important. I am told at this age it is ok for them to be more proud of their individual accomplishment than if the team won or not. I hope she isn't going to be one of those players who is more worried about her stats than about the team.

Anyone else every have this happen?